SHA is a sound designer, sound engineer, a composer and an audio consultant. His talents range are from sound writing to broadcasting.

With a background in film industry, music recording and sound performance, his work is a crossroads between technical skills and artistic vision, a mix that has earned him the nicknames of "Sound Sculptor" or “Sound Hybrid Artist“.

In the last 17 years, SHA has worked on various sound projects, and his most famous collaborations include the sound design for Jean Michel JARRE’s Millennium concert in Egypt and Michel OCELOT's award winning animated series Princes et Princesses, the recording of a music album for Eric SERRA and «Les Elementaux», a sound design & performance during the Biennial Design of Saint-Etienne in France.

SHA has also worked on numerous independent short films, bespoke event sound creations and music compositions for film.

SHA currently lives, works and performs in London.

You should listen to the YouTube channel with headphones or good loudspeakers. Loudspeakers on smartphones or laptops are not suitable to play low frequencies.


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