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About Hybrid...

S.H.A. is a Hybrid Audio Sorcerer.

He is an audio producer, a sound designer, a sound engineer, a composer and an artist.

His talents range from sound writing to broadcasting.

A drummer and self-taught in music, he also studied electronic and computer science before completed a Master degree in sound for motion pictures.

He worked in advertising, film industry, music recording and sound performance.

His work is a crossroads between technical skills and artistic vision mixed with the diversity of his collaboration have made him a “Sound Hybrid Artist“.

Among them, there is Roman Polanski, Luc Besson, Eric Serra, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Jean-Michel Jarre, Joachim Garraud.

He also exhibited his sound creations twice for the famous Saint-Etienne International Biennale of Design.

He always strives for creating beautiful, emotional and immersive soundscapes, sound design or music on inspiring projects with talented artists, producers, filmmakers, musicians...

S.H.A. currently lives, works and performs in London, with many talented people.


Get in touch to learn more about my work and professional career, or to suggest a new project.

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