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"My Sound Vision Of..."

The Sharawadji effect

“Sound On Art” is a sound project with the aim to create and give an amazing immersive sound experience inspired by my feelings and my vision of a piece of art.

It creates the SHARAWADJI effect, a sensation of plenitude sometimes created by the contemplation of a complex soundscape whose beauty is inexplicable.

Because I come from the film industry and sound for motion picture, it came very clear to me being able to imagine and to hear the “sound” of a static piece of art (painting, sculpture…).

It’s a natural behaviour for me. I see a painting as a still frame movie and I’m just creating the soundtrack for it. ​In a movie, the picture shows you what is happening… but here not.

It is My Sound Vision Of… the artwork!

• When it comes to classical paintings I choose the ones I like the most, just because the painting resonate. The scenes depicted are (often) figurative and the immersive sound put the listener inside the story I imagined… the painting then starts to come alive thanks to the sound. It is an amazing immersive experience.

• I also collaborate with contemporary artists to create and sale Dual-pieces of art. It is more abstract and the sound universe I create is either related with the meaning of the painting or the history of the artist… but it’s not a rule, its more a feeling.

In all these cases, I create a complete bespoke immersive soundtrack that will be heard from the point of view of the listener and that’s where the magic begins:

The sound is a very peculiar medium. It always requires a lot of imagination, and it is unique for every individual. Because we have different history (from our lives and experiences) the same sound will be perceived very specific way by different people. Then the object related with the sound will create a unique meaning for the listener (or not…).

Although an image is looked at as a whole, a soundtrack has a beginning and an end.

It needs to be heard from start to finish in order to be understood.

What are we looking at ? the beginning? the middle? or the end of the story...?

It helps the viewer to stay in front of the artwork, take the time to get lost in it and discover unseen details...

The soundtrack created is not a simple casing or frame to embellish what we see.

It amplifies and sometimes transcends what we are looking at.

One sense alone is not enough to satisfy our emotions.

It is the mix of the two that provides nuance and makes it unique.

Imagine if the sound in a Hitchcock film was removed and "see" what’s left…  or what’s left if you remove the sound of thunder during a big storm… only lightning!

Let's get yourself lost...

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